Triple J’s Ben & Liam Had A Very Legitimate Punch-On And The Footage Is Here

Inevitable? Maybe. Necessary? Perhaps. Deeply one-sided and hilariously unfair? You bet your ass. Whatever the reason may be, today marks the day where we finally, as a nation, get to witness footage from the hugely-hyped and long-awaited fight between Triple J good boys Liam Stapleton and Ben Harvey.

For weeks now the animosity between the two has been brewing on-air, stemming from chiding directed at Ben by Liam over Ben’s desire to become a very legitimate boxer.

The story goes that Ben has been undertaking boxing training for around five years now, and is building up to his first professional fight which is set to take place on June 15th. In preparation for that, Ben took on an exhibition match recently, that just so happened to be against a 16-year-old.

After learning about that, Liam began a campaign of searing trash talk, which prompted a wave of calls and texts from Triple J listeners goading Liam into stepping into the ring with Ben.

Three days ago, Liam threw down the gauntlet: An intimidating Instagram post asserting he would take Ben on 1-on-1 if the post got to the lofty goal of 30,000 likes.

It got 50,000.

So now, this morning, we have the footage of the fight of the century. Ben Harvey, with five years of boxing training under his belt, versus Liam Stapleton, a doughy skin bag with a chin as brittle as thin toffee.

No spoilers or anything by Ben beat the living shit out of him.

Seriously, this isn’t even close.

Credit where it’s due: That is a truly incredible array of fake tattoos Liam put together for the occasion. Magnificent stuff.

Take a break, boys. You’ve earned it.