Triple J’s Ben Stitched Up Liam By Giving Away His Phone Number On-Air

A wise man once said “this country was built on stitch-ups,” and he may well be bloody right on the money. No one – at any level – is immune to a good old-fashioned razzing from a mate, and that absolutely rings true even if you’re the host of the all-important Breakfast show on Triple J.

Ben & Liam don’t mind the occasional gee up exacted on one another, and Ben – as it turns out – has been playing a long con on Liam that finally paid off in glorious fashion over the weekend.

The story goes that Ben has been giving out Liam’s actual, real-life phone number one digit at a time over a number of episodes of the brekkie team’s radio show and podcast. Rather than simply stating the numbers, Ben’s been cleverly giving the numbers out via a series of riddles. Y’know, clever things like “doughnut,” or “why was six afraid of seven?” or “the next number is six.”

Y’know. Clever.

The last digit of the phone number was delivered, in riddle-form, on Friday, meaning those listeners clever enough to keep track now had Liam’s actual phone number just in time for the weekend.

The result? One thoroughly blown-the-fuck-up iPhone.

1,672 missed calls. 3,541 messages. That’s enough to want to want to pith the dang thing into the turf and commit to living off the grid.

Fortunately, there’s no hard feelings from either side. All in all it’s a (reasonably) harmless prank.

But that’s the thing about a good stitch-up: It really brings people together.