Triple J’s Ben & Liam Are Still Kicking 2DayFM’s Backside In The Ratings

Competing with the commercial radio powerhouses is a tough ask at the best of times, particularly when you’re broadcasting on the Government-backed youth station. But according to the latest ratings numbers, not only are Triple J morning lads Ben & Liam ably keeping pace, they’re managing to beat down some of their more fancied big money rivals.

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The latest radio ratings report released this morning shows that Ben & Liam are only going from strength to strength in their Breakfast slot, particularly in the hyper-competitive Sydney market.

After overtaking commercial powerhouse 2DayFM of the Hit Network in the Sydney breakfast radio market back in June, Ben & Liam have managed to maintain that lead in the latest round of released numbers. This, despite 2DayFM gaining significant ground in the breakfast timeslot after a talent shuffle.

Ben & Liam once again got the better of Sydney’s 2Day much more prominent team of Grant DenyerEd Kavalee, and Ash London, holding a 5.0% share of the overall market, and giving them a 0.4% buffer over 2Day.

That figure represents a 0.7% increase in their overall market share in Sydney; a crucial one give 2Day’s high profile turnaround which netted them a full 1.0% ratings bump in the country’s busiest radio market.

The good news for the young nerds continued across the bulk of Australia’s major radio markets.

In Brisbane, Ben & Liam’s share of the market increased by 0.6%, up to a total of 7.1%.

In Perth, a similar bump of 0.4% saw Triple J’s Breakfast ratings shoot up to a healthy 7.9% overall share.

But it was in Adelaide where the biggest gains were to be had; Ben & Liam’s share of the audience in the city of churches rose by 1.2% to a total of 6.0% overall, comfortably putting them ahead of Hit 107 whose incumbent breakfast lineup of Amos GillCat Lynch, and Angus O’Laughlin was removed by the station in August.

In the only bad news for the duo, Triple J’s breakfast ratings fell only in Melbourne, where Ben & Liam’s share of the audience took a reasonably significant hit of 0.9%, sliding to 4.9% overall. That percentage, however, still puts them within snapping distance of KISS FM, whose ratings also fell to a 5.5% overall audience share.

Still, huge news overall for the gang, who are still relatively new to the job all things considered.

Get around the boys!