Here’s the thing about stunts: No matter how careful you are or how well you prepare, on a long enough timeline one of them is going to end in a balls up. That’s why they’re called stunts and not just things you can do. Triple J morning lads Ben & Liam found that out the hard way this morning, by the looks of it.

The yarn goes thusly: Shortly after the Breakfast gang took the air this morning at the absolute butt-crack of dawn, Ben & Liam began running regular segment the Wednesday Wake Up Call. Being dared into it by a listener named Muz (which should’ve been a red flag right there), the lads decided that giving new boss Lachie Macara the wake up call would be the way to go.

So at a shade after 6:15am this morning, the call was made, and an extremely groggy Macara copped an ear-bashing from Evanescence‘s Bring Me To Life turned up to about 11.

The boss ahh…. he was not very happy. At all. As this audio captured by Radio Today plainly shows.

How’s that sign off line? “Yes I’d just like to apologise for this segment and ah… come see me in my office at 9” and then CLUNK.

The segment ended after that, but the saga wasn’t yet over. After throwing to a tune, listeners were updated from the studio by 30 seconds of padding by Breakfast producer Belle Jackson who had to step into the studio after Ben & Liam had apparently been pulled out from the mic and off the air – albeit temporarily – by an additional phone call from Macara.

A short few minutes after that, Ben & Liam sheepishly returned to the studio and swept it all under the rug by telling people “Everyone is cool here, not to worry,” and “Some slackers can’t handle the heat when it comes to the Wednesday morning wakeup call.”

There’s an important lesson to be learned here, mates. Have a good old fashioned muck around at work all you want, but maybe hold off on giving the new boss a pre-dawn nu-metal wake up call. At least until you get to know him a bit better.

Image: Facebook / Ben & Liam