WATCH: Loose Aussie Sets Up A Rope & Refuses People Entry At Berlin Wall

Being young and in Australia in 2017 means at any given point you’re no more than a few metres away from someone talking about their time in Berlin. On a long enough timeline, the probability of hearing someone tell a story about trying to get into Berghain approaches 100%.

Last week we introduced you to Callum Padgham, a man with more energy than a cocaine/Red Bull milkshake. Padgham’s web series ‘International Tourroristfollows the extremely simple premise of milling about Europe and thoroughly messing with its inhabitants. The results are… well, certifiably insane, frankly.
The newest episode in the series takes the idea that people will blindly obey anyone in a black pea coat and transplants it to the infamous Berlin Wall, where Padgham not only set up his own red velvet rope at the very public outside landmark, but he refused people entry. And they believed him.
This series, I tell you. It is psycho.

To be fair to the poor sods who fell for it, that’s a pretty damned believable bouncer impression. Right down to the vaguely dickish distant gaze.
I know I’m not particularly keen to argue with that guy.

Source: YouTube.