WATCH: Loose Aussie Fucks With Brits By Handing Out Free Cocaine In London

Europeans have some weirdo customs and practices, that much we know to be true. And as far as “Australian values” is concerned, “fucking with people” is right up there with charred meat at hardware stores and comedic second option.
So when you combine the desire to have a good old fashioned muck around with travelling abroad, the result is ample ground for comedy.
Melbourne-based performer/human equivalent of a clapping monkey toy plugged into the mains Callum Padgham has today launched the first episode of his new ever-so-slightly-confrontational web series ‘International Tourrorist.’
The debut episode of the series – shot while on holiday in Europe last year because Lonely Planet can eat one – features Padgham exploiting the little-known factoid about department store Harrods, in that old-style medical wisdom viewed cocaine as a perfectly normal remedy for common ailments and as such the drug was freely available in the store until around 100 years ago.
If you ever wondered what it might take for the average British punter to rack up at 11am on an ordinary day, apparently the answer to that is “the most enthusiastic Australian and a bunch of free samples.”
This is a wild-ass ride, folks.

The series is releasing new episodes every Monday this month, and future instalments involve Padgham setting up a red velvet rope at the Berlin Wall and bouncing people out Berghain-style, luring unsuspecting tourists through a walking tour of Barcelona despite knowing nothing of the area, and marrying the dead leader of the Westboro Baptist Church while wearing naught but a pink g-string in Paris.
I tell you, this series is a hell of a thing. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Source: YouTube.