WATCH: Aussie Psycho “Marries” Westboro Baptist Church Leader, Who Is Dead

Folks, the world is full of incredibly weird laws written by a country in a bygone era that, for one reason or another, have simply never formally been repealed despite outliving any semblance of sense.

For example, did you know that in France it is perfectly legal to marry a dead person?
Posthumous marriage, or “necrogamy,” was formally legalised by the nation in following the 1959 collapse of the Malpasset Dam which killed 429 people. It’s a law that’s still in place to this day, existing largely to “legitimise” the children of a deceased fiancé, or for emotional reasons.
Emotional reasons like, say… the very-dead leader of an extremist US right-wing church makes you exceptionally horny, for example.
Callum Padgham, who you may remember as the Australian lunatic who handed out free sample of cocaine to shoppers in London’s Harrods, or as the gent who set up a velvet red rope at the Berlin Wall and bounced people out of there like he was guarding Berghain, or as the bloke most likely to be arrested for climbing a construction site crane because he wanted to get “more high,” exploits this quirk of French legislation to its fullest degree in the final episode of his utterly insane web-series ‘International Tourrorist.’
Resplendent in a formal pink g-string and a willingness to crotch thrust in the face of strangers, Padgham “marriedFred Phelps Snr, who is both a) the leader of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, and b) an extremely dead person.
It’s hard to pick a single, glaring high (low?) point from this one: The shockingly formal vows, that one stoic bloke no-selling a cheek kiss, or the kind gentlemen in camouflage trying to go about their business as normal while Padgham pesters them mercilessly.

Hear that? That’s the sound of the entire EU cancelling Padgham’s visa.
Worth it, TBH.

Source: Callum Padgham/YouTube.