Some Aussie Psycho Trolled Punters In Nashville With A “Fake” Keith Urban

Fact: There is nothing on earth worse or more obnoxious than an Australian person overseas. We are, without question, the worst units imaginable. We’re all amiable enough while at home, but put a passport and boarding pass in our hands and suddenly we turn into absolutely cooked units. And the King of all the Cooked Units is Callum Padgham.

You might remember Padgham from a couple of years ago as the serial pest behind the stomach-churning but intensely funny European Tourrorist web series, in which he scrambled around Europe performing wild acts of lunacy like serving cocaine to shoppers in Harrods, bouncing punters at the Berlin Wall, or public wedding Fred Phelps (the very dead patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church) in Paris.

Because he simply has not been kicked out of enough countries yet, Padgham has inexplicably inflicted himself upon the unsuspecting citizens of the United States for a follow-up series, American Tourrorist, which PEDESTRIAN.TV is exclusively premiering this morning.

In episode one, Padgham recruited a reclusive artist from New Jersey, who just so happens to be named Keith Urban, and took to the streets of Nashville promising country music-loving folks on the street an “exclusive” meet and greet with “the real” Keith Urban.

You can probably figure out where this is going.

Hold onto something and cop a look at the full episode below.

It is remarkable, bordering on miraculous, that old mate managed to get out of the country without being

a) Shot.
b) Arrested, or;
c) Both.

New episodes of the series are hitting the internet every Friday morning on YouTube. And if that’s episode one, holy shit is this gonna be a wild ride.