WATCH: Aunty Donna’s Last ‘Ripper Aussie Summer’ Dances Its Way Into Murder

By now you’ve probably gotten well across the outrageous and glorious escapades of Aunty Donna, the Melbourne-based sketch group leading the charge for a new class of Australian comedic talent.

The trio of performers (and their associated extended off-screen crew) have a rabid following on YouTube and are about to set off on a massive Australian and international tour that has their dance card fairly full for the bulk of the year.
Their latest web-series ‘Ripper Aussie Summer‘ wrapped up today with the seventh, and final, episode: A batshit-nuts exploration of the difference dance-styles you see at a your average family backyard barbecue.
Also murder.
There’s a bit of murder thrown in there for good measure.
Standard Aussie summer things, y’know?

The lads opened their new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show on Thursday night, and it looks incredible.
They’re running it right throughout the festival, up until April 23rd. You can suss tickets over at the Comedy Festival website.
Haven’t they done well!

Source: Aunty Donna/YouTube.