WATCH: Aunty Donna’s Final ‘1999’ Ep Rings In The Millennium With Murder

It’s easy to forget that Aunty Donna‘s supremely hilarious YouTube series ‘1999‘ is actually set in the year 1999. The time setting has served more as a background gag throughout the 10 episodes, only occasionally being mined for story comedy by the Melbourne-based group.

But ending the series by ringing in the year 2000 is a smart move, particularly when it’s accompanied by a string of murders.
The final episode of the series has the group more or less throwing everything else out the window and declaring “fuck it” as poor, misguided office sandwich boy Sandwich Sam tries to contain the rage in the face of a string of bickering workers (NICK BLOODY CODY, y’all!).
It’s not the best the series has produced (‘Two Guys Wear The Same Tie To Work‘ is some absolute god-level hilarity) but it ain’t far off.

With a string of tour dates lined up and this absolutely outstanding series under their belts, it’s gonna be a big bloody year for Aunty Donna.
Onya, lads!

Source: Aunty Donna/YouTube.