WATCH: The Trailer For Youtube Show ‘1999’ From The Aunty Donna Legends

Oi, Melbourne sketch legends ‘Aunty Donna‘ are back, and they’ve dropped a hot trailer for their new Youtube series, ‘1999’

The Y2K-themed, 10-part series is funded by Screen Australia, and it coincides with their brand new comedy tour ‘New Show’. New episodes of this goodness will get sent up every Friday, starting from tomorrow. 
We’ve watched this erratic and terrifyingly amazing trailer multiple times now, and we still have absolutely no idea what in the ever-loving ferk is happening. But also, we really, really do, in a way? W/e bitches, we’re excited.
Gird your loins and stock up on your non-perishables, pals. 
Photo: Aunty Donna / Youtube.