WATCH: Aunty Donna Hoovers Up The Nose Candy In Their Latest ‘1999’ Episode

Good lord, if you are not already well and truly around Aunty Donna and their ongoing ‘1999‘ sketch series on YouTube, today is the day to fix that once and for all.

The Melbourne-based sketch comedy group have been pumping out weekly videos for the series – a madcap slice of batshit-nuts comedy loosely tied together because it’s all set in an office circa-1999.
Today’s instalment features the return of the group’s ages-old and much beloved series, ‘Haven’t You Done Well?’ and showcases naught but the three of them – Mark, Broden, and Zach – going hell-for-leather on a giant pile of cocaine.
That’s it. That’s the whole premise of the bit. And be damned if it isn’t absolutely bloody wonderful.

Jesus bloody christ, it’s SO GOOD.
Aunty Donna has a show at the upcoming Melbourne International Comedy FestivalYou should go see it.

Source: YouTube.