Here Are 10 Of The Most Batshit Fkn Insane Moments From Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun

Aunty Donna Netflix

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun has finally hit Netflix, and you better believe I watched the entire first season in one sitting. I laughed, I cried, and I gasped so many times you’d think I was watching a murder mystery.

Needless to say, the show is absolutely packed to the rafters with chaos, so much so that even compiling a list of the most chaotic moments was tough. But alas, here are my choices for the moments in the series that I cannot stop thinking about.

Morning Brown, Episode 2

This entire sequence was pure insanity and I loved every single second of it. Also, the subtle hints towards them all fucking in this sketch are the cherry on top.

Ellen, Episode 2

The longer this sketch went on the funnier it became. I completely forgot I was staring at Broden Kelly in a wig and became completely immersed in Zac‘s mission from Ellen to transport blood diamonds across the Cambodian border and into the Diamond Casino. And that wasn’t even the wildest part.

Family Feud, Episode 1

Are you aware of the power of shadows? This whole sequence needs to be seen to be understood.

The Stray Man, Episode 1

This entire part came completely out of nowhere and was an entire rollercoaster of emotion from beginning to end.

Aunty Donna

The Whole Dating Home Run Sequence, Episode 4

Words cannot truly describe the feelings that I felt while watching this sequence, which seemed to go on for eternity, and never relented in committing to the bit. Honestly a highlight of episode 4.

Flying South Africans, Episode 2

Utterly batshit from start to finish, please inject this kind of pure chaos into my veins.

Aunty Donna South Africans

The Night-Time Bar Sequence, Episode 5

What starts off as too much beer turns into killing a man and the SWAT arriving to do a little dance. This sequence takes up a majority of episode 5 and there is no secret as to why.

Tiny Little Man, Episode 6

Tiny Little Man

Absolutely bonkers. The Aunty Donna boys need to be locked up for this one, it is soooo wild.

The Queen of England, Episode 6

The boys spend most of episode 6 prepping for the arrival of the Queen, and once she arrives, everything goes completely off the rails.

Anti-Doping Agency Piss Drinker, Episode 3

Aunty Donna

Need I say more?

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun is streaming on Netflix right fkn now, so if you haven’t feasted your eyes on the chaos, please do so immediately.