Aunty Donna Filled Their Netflix Show With Hyper-Aussie Easter Eggs And Here’s What We Caught

aunty donna aussie easter eggs netflix

Melbourne funny boys Aunty Donna have just unleashed their first legit TV show on Netflix, making the jump from their unhinged YouTube channel to the streaming service, and hitting a vastly wider audience than they’d ever imagined reaching. 190 countries. The chaos has gone global, my friends.

But in making the leap to The Big Time™ with Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun, the trio – Broden Kelly, Mark Bonnano, and Zachary Ruane – haven’t changed themselves or their comedy to suit the Netflix audience. It’s still just as fucking ridiculous and insane as ever. In fact, the ratbags have shoehorned in a bunch of deeply Australian references that will 100% go over the heads of anyone that isn’t from Australia or spent their formative years watching Aussie TV.

Aside from the obvious jars of Vegemite in the kitchen cupboard, I noted down all the little Aussie easter eggs I picked up while bingeing all of Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun in one sitting (which I definitely recommend doing, at least once). I’m not going to tell you where they showed up because that would spoil the funny of the reference. Here they are, with absolutely zero context whatsoever.

Crazy John’s

Randy Feltface

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Four N’ Twenty Pies

Ok, this one was in the trailer (if you were like me and slowed it right down) so here’s that frame also with no context.

aunty donna aussie easter eggs netflix

Grant Denyer

Big cat truther and now rogue joke that a small slice of people will get.

aunty donna aussie easter eggs netflixImage: Getty Images / Chris Hyde

Hugh Jackman

Sure this one a few more people will get but it was delivered in a way that it literally took me a couple of rewinds and rewatches before I was like “OHHHHHH my god.”

Image: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano

Eagle Boys

aunty donna aussie easter eggs netflixImage: AAP

Car City Ringwood

Really taking it one step further here and dropping in a hyper-local Melbourne reference. I nearly snorted out my wine.

“After The Footy”

There’s something so intrinsically Australian about a blokey TV voiceover mentioning a show’s on “after the footy”, so you know what’s coming up after St Kilda get thumped by literally any team at the MCG.

Garry Lyon

Is it referencing former AFL player Garry Lyon or cricketer Nathan Lyon‘s nickname, which is Garry? Considering Broden’s involved in this one, I’m gonna go ahead and say the second one.

Image: Getty Images / Matt King

Niiiice, Garry.


Look, I know it’s not specifically Australian but it’s such an Internet deep cut it gets a pass. Also the first search engine I ever remember using on the family computer.

aunty donna aussie easter eggs netflix

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun is streaming right now on Netflix, for all your unhinged viewing needs.

Haven’t they done well.