Aunty Donna Did A Whole Brekkie TV Interview Via Interpretive Dance & I’m Truly Not Surprised

aunty donna

The Aunty Donna boys were interviewed on ABC Breakfast this morning, and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but interpretive dance certainly wasn’t it.

It’s been a huge year for the boys, so naturally, they sat down with the ABC Breakfast team to discuss all things comedy, getting a bloody Netflix deal and their early days on YouTube.

But in true Aunty Donna fashion, they couldn’t just sit down and talk about it like the adult men they are. Of course not. Instead, Zac and Mark spoke only via interpretive dance, while Broden translated into English, just for those of you who don’t speak interpretive dance.

Seriously, just watch it.

“It’s been an awful year for the arts, so what we’ve decided to do is we’ll be answering all of your questions through interpretive dance. And then I will translate it into English,” Broden prefaced the interview.

Honestly, who let these three blokes get a bloody Netflix deal? Surely they need a parental guardian or *somebody* to keep them from running amok.

The interview was an absolutely wild experience, but if you somehow made it through the interpretive dance, they also discussed a lot about their journey, and their mentality in life, which was… interesting.

“We try to take realistic things and turn them up to 11, is our mentality,” Broden said.

All seven minutes of the interview is sheer chaos. I’m not sure what I expected when I saw that these three copped a breakfast TV interview, but this certainly was not it.

Even Madeleine Morris had to stop and clarify that she felt like she had “lost control of the interview.”

I truly cannot stress just how much I bloody love these boys. They are so deserving of every opportunity they’ve copped, and I hope to see them interpretive dancing their way through interviews for years to come.