Strap Yourselves In Because Those Very Silly Aunty Donna Boys Are Making Another TV Show

aunty donna tv show new abc

The Aunty Donna boys are bringing it home with a brand new TV series for the ABC. It’s called Aunty Donna’s Untitled Project and it’ll be hitting our screens in 2023.

The new series follows the boys’ huge telly debut with Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun on Netflix in 2020 and is their first proper run at a narrative comedy. Instead of, you know, the most insane sketches pulled from the darkened recesses of their minds.

Aunty Donna’s Untitled Project (an unconfirmed name) follows three besties who run a trendy café in one of Melbourne’s laneways. Sure, it might not be one of the iconic laneways we know and love, but it’s probably for the best that the tourists don’t see the chaos Mark BonnanoBroden Kelly and Zachary Ruane get up to.

The announcement video is as erratic as you’d expect from the three blokes who once swindled their way into the Dominos head office as part of a long and elaborate bit. There’s whipped cream, sprays of alternative milk and a whole bag of beans — all the things you’d come across at a café.

Unsure if the lads know what to do with any of these coffee-adjacent items, however.

Apparently, the show’s name isn’t locked in and they’re asking everyone to send them potential titles. Consider this my formal application to call it Big Bad Bean Boys.

aunty donna new show abc
Big Bad Bean Boys, you’re hearing it more and more.

The half-hour series will start filming in Melbourne next week so it might be a good time to have a wander around the CBD just peering down all the rancid alleyways to try and spot a filming location.

Aunty Donna gave some choice comments about the announcement of the new show.

“We make show, you will love,” they said.

Look mates, you’re not wrong. I’m absolutely going to love this dumb, perfect show. I’m ready to run at it like the sun.

do wonder if they’ll get an ABC tattoo on their bums to match the Netflix ones they got a couple of years ago.

Aunty Donna’s Untitled Project is set to land on ABC and ABC iView in 2023. Strap the fuck in.