Outside of wishing for a one-way trip to Greenland, there isn’t too much to do when it gets this bloody hot. Regardless, Aunty Donna have apparently found option 2: RAMPANT BINGE DRINKING.

In the first episode of their new webseries Aunty Donna’s Ripper Aussie Summer, the lads experience the rundown of a typical sweaty Melbourne night out. Mainstays Eau De Vie, Howler, and even Revolver get a shout-out in this booze-pounding ditty.

Oh, also, some pretty serious shit underneath all the firewater, but hey! Drinking! 

Shout-outs to the quasi-trap drop to close this one out. The boys are expanding their goofy-as-hell musical repertoire, and we’re here for it.

Source and photo: Aunty Donna / YouTube.