Pour Yourself A Big Hot Cup Of Morning Brown Because Aunty Donna’s New Show Has A Trailer

aunty donna's coffee cafe trailer premiere date

Your TV time is about the get a whole lot sillier because those very funny Aunty Donna boys have locked in a premiere date and unleashed a trailer for their new show, Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: haven’t they done well?

The six-episode sitcom (trust us, that’s enough) is set to hit our screens every Wednesday night at 9pm, premiering on April 12.

Filmed in Melbourne, it follows three friends (Broden KellyMark Bonnano and Zachary Ruane) as they try to get a trendy inner-city Melbourne café called Morning Brown off the ground — in one of the city’s lesser-known, far scungier laneways.

The new Aunty Donna trailer is as you’d expect from three blokes who did a whole bit on their Netflix show about the terrifying concept of the Sandman and what would happen if the Queen of England was a massive hoon demon.

It looks like this god damn bloody show has some pretty big Aussie names in it, too. I’m talking Pia MirandaTony MartinSteven Oliver, Richard Roxburgh, and a terrifyingly furious Miranda Tapsell. Let’s just hope that very nasty Silly Boy doesn’t make an appearance because I simply don’t know how Zach will react.

The one guy I hope does show up in the absolute chaos of Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe is the Tiny Little Man from Big Ol’ House Of Fun. There’s no storyline I need more closure on than what happened to that little guy who uses a slice of ham as a bed.

Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café premieres on ABC on Wednesday April 12 at 9pm and will air weekly, or you’ll be able to do some real psychic damage by bingeing it all on ABC iView on the same day.