Vengeful Planet Thirsts For Blood, Opens Beach-Gobbling Sinkhole In QLD

She warned you. She warned you time and time again, and you refused to listen. And now Mother Earth is rearing her jaws once again, reclaiming one of the bounty of gifts birthed unto us all, that we as a people continually fail to fully appreciate.

And lo, this time she has struck at the very heart of fun – a beach on Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island.
The sinkhole apparently opened up at some point on Wednesday, and is roughly about 100 metres in width. Though it is quite some distance away from areas where lifeguards keep patrol, and thus public foot traffic is minimal.
Still, despite the fact that the hole is on Jumpinpin beach, officials are warning people against Jumpinin it. Eh! JUMPIN IN IT.
Seriously though, do not go swimming in the sinkhole. The waters have unusually strong currents in there and the sand at the bottom and around the edges is particularly unstable and at risk of further collapse.

WHO KNOWS when Mother Earth will strike again; whether this satiates her thirst for planetary blood, or whether this is merely whetting her appetite for her next meal – one where we’re all on the menu.

Photo: Surf Life Saving QLD via Twitter.
via Y!7News.