Mother Nature Opens Giant Sinkhole, Swallows Vehicles On QLD Coast

Overnight, having awoken from her winter slumber and demanding satiety, Mother Nature opened her vengeful maw and devoured a number of vehicles at a popular camping spot on the Queensland coast.
At around midnight, a giant sinkhole opened up at the MV Beagle campsite at Inskip Point, swallowing up a car, a caravan and a truck, and prompting the evacuation of nearly 140 people. 
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services say that the sinkhole is approximately 150 metres wide and three metres deep, taking up a large portion of the campsite. 
Being school holidays, there are large numbers of campers in the Rainbow Beach area, but people are advised to stay clear of the sinkhole, as it could get bigger with the movement of ocean currents.
Nine News captured aerial footage of the beach this morning:

Meanwhile, several employees of local company Clayton’s Towing was staying at the campsite with family and friends at the time, and captured photos of the aftermath:

Major sinkhole has occurred at the Inskip Point Camp Grounds. (Near Rainbow Beach) Appears no injuries with property…

Posted by Clayton’s Towing on Saturday, September 26, 2015

As always, we remain fearful of Mother Nature’s wrath.