A Fuck-Off Big Sinkhole In A Rich Perth Suburb Legit Swallowed A Mercedes-Benz In One Gulp

Perth sinkhole swallowing Mercedes-Benz car and bench

A ginormous sinkhole in one of Perth’s ritziest suburbs swallowed a Mercedes-Benz in all its entirety on Sunday. It’s giving Augustus Gloop succumbing to the chocolate river at Willy Wonka’s factory.

I’m genuinely not being facetious, nor a silly goose — cop the freaky footage below.

That poor car is fighting for its goddamn life. If it was swimming on Bondi Beach it would take around half an episode of Bondi Rescue to save it.

People say German engineering is the best in the world but there is no amount of mechanical ingenuity that could save a Mercedes-Benz from becoming engulfed by a rogue sinkhole. You simply have to let that puppy sink.

The car was parked on Centro Avenue in Subiaco when a nearby water main burst, flooding the entire street and leaving around 60 homes and businesses without running water.

Per the ABC, an adjacent block of units was evacuated in case the flood caused any structural concerns.

Kai Lovel lives a stone’s throw from the action and told the publication he saw it unfold from his balcony. I can’t believe he had front-row seats, if I’m being honest.

“I was looking down at Centro Avenue last night from my balcony and saw an absolute torrenting river of water running down the street,” he said.

“The car basically disappeared before they could turn the water off. We couldn’t really see the car but you could see the windscreen wipers and headlights had come on.”

I’d like to think the car fanged its windscreen wipers and headlights on ‘cos it gained sentience and was trying to call for help. It’s something Lightning McQueen would do in the Cars universe.

A Water Corporation spokeswoman apologised for the wet-ass whoopsie daisy.

“Our customer support team has been in touch with and is providing full support to the vehicle owner,” she said.

“There are no reports of injuries and we would like to thank emergency services who attended the site to render support.”

All I can say is it sounded like a bad day to be a Mercedes-Benz parked in Subiaco.