The 17 Best US Election Stress Tweets, If You Feel Like Leaning Head-First Into The Chaos

What a fucken day. We mean it. It’s past midnight in the east coast of the US and we still don’t have the slightest idea of whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is going to win the US presidential election. You know what we do have? Tweets to get us through this anxiety-inducing shitshow.

The day started off with extremely high stakes, and thing just got wilder from there. What the fuck happened in Florida? Can Biden somehow take Texas?

As it stands, we still have no idea whether or not the world is about to have another four years of Trump unleashed upon it.

Americans were understandably numb at this very thought.

Others looked at what their fellow citizens were up to with similar dismay.

Back home, as well as around the world, the rest of us have been watching on for the whole election campaign with the same amount of stress.

And since we’re on a Twitter spree, who could forget when Australia’s own The Chaser leaned right into the chaos by pretending to tweet as the (current) president himself.

They even got their account suspended for a hot second but thankfully they’re back, baby.

Join us in numbing our stress with tweets. The rest is out of our hands.