The ABC’s US Election Coverage Hit A Lighting Fuck Up On-Air & The Screenshots Are Perfection

ABC News Sunlight Stan Grant Ellen Fanning

The ABC’s rolling US election coverage hit somewhat of an architectural snag when the literal sunshine streaming through Aunty’s atrium turned their presenters into spooky ass ghouls.

Ellen Fanning and Stan Grant are leading the coverage of the US Election over on the ABC, and at around 1pm, the sunlight in the atrium they were hosting in decided to hit just a little bit different.

This was clearly unforeseen by the folks over at the ABC, which made their blinded eyes and ghostly looks of shock just that extra bit more ridiculous to watch.

“Meanwhile we should point out that the sun has come out…” said Fanning.

“We are beautifully lit by the sun,” said Grant.

For a while, the natural sunlight made the duo glow like the radiant angels they are, and it was lovely to see them have fun with the whole thing.

“Someone’s designed an atrium here at the ABC, not realising that we have 9 hours of broadcasting,” said Fanning.

“There’s almost a religious quality to it.”

After cutting away to a few guest speakers over in the US, the coverage returned to a more intense sun, and Ellen Fanning in a pair of shades.

It was real wholesome hours over at the ABC, I mean just look at this blessed image.

Ellen Fanning Stan Grant ABC News

“This is Australia’s own Stonehenge that we have in the atrium,” said Fanning.

“I wonder what it means? Sunshine State? Florida?” said Grant.

Ellen Fanning Stan Grant ABC News

If this happened any earlier you better believe my Halloween costume would have been Ellen Fanning rocking her shades in the sunlight-filled ABC atrium. But alas, maybe next year.

If you want to catch the coverage, which is going to be going until we crack a winner in this damn thing, you can check it out here.

Meanwhile, we’ll be doing a rolling list of each of the states in the presidential race, which has already seen some pretty damning results in Florida.

It’s starting to look like things will be down to Pennsylvania, now that Florida is heading for a Republican win. It’s an intense time to be an American, but it’s still a nail-biting time to be watching all of this unfold from across the pond.

You can catch our live updates HERE, which will be updated as more results come through.