Here’s How Every State Is Looking In The US Presidential Election RN & All Hope Is Not Lost

2020 us presidential election results

The 2020 US Presidential Election is well underway, with polls closing throughout the remainder of the afternoon and evening here in Australia, so here’s your guide to who’s winning each state.

Countless experts have predicted a victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but as we know all too well from the 2016 election, it truly is anyone’s game.

We’ll be updating this list as each state calls its winner, so you can keep checking back instead of endlessly doom-scrolling through Twitter. However, it’s important to note that the official, exact results, including postal votes won’t be known for days.

NOTE: Names will be bolded when called by AP Politics. Un-bolded names are favoured to win, according to ABC Election Analyst Antony Green, who is working with Associated Press data. 

“We are giving away all states where the average poll lead is greater than 10 per cent. The US networks will not do this because they do not give away a state until the polls close,” Green said, according to ABC.

Georgia (16):

Indiana (11): Trump

Kentucky (8): Trump

South Carolina (9): Trump

Vermont (3): Biden

Virginia (13): Biden

North Carolina (15):

Ohio (18): Trump

West Virginia (5): Trump

Alabama (9): Trump

Connecticut (7): Biden

Delaware (3): Biden

District of Columbia (3): Biden

Florida (29): Trump

Illinois (20): Biden

Maine (4): Biden

Maryland (10): Biden

Massachusetts (11): Biden

Mississippi (6): Trump

Missouri (10): Trump

New Hampshire (4): Biden

New Jersey (14): Biden

Oklahoma (7): Trump

Pennsylvania (20):

Rhode Island (4): Biden

Tennessee (11): Trump

Arkansas (6): Trump

Arizona (11): Biden

Colorado (9): Biden

Kansas (6): Trump

Louisiana (8): Trump

Michigan (16): Biden

Minnesota (10): Biden

Nebraska (5): Trump

New Mexico (5): Biden

New York (29): Biden

North Dakota (3): Trump

South Dakota (3): Trump

Texas (38):

Wisconsin (10): Biden

Wyoming (3): Trump

Iowa (6): Trump

Montana (3): Trump

Nevada (6):

Utah (6): Trump

California (55): Biden

Idaho (4): Trump

Oregon (7): Biden

Washington (12): Biden

Hawaii (4): Biden

Alaska (3):