There’s nothing more relatable than watching a reporter let a big old F-bomb rip on TV, and this particular example from ABC News is a future classic of the genre.

On ABC News’ afternoon program, the wrong audio from reporter Elias Clure‘s package went to air. Instead of being, ya know, the news, viewers were treated to a handful of words ya don’t usually hear on that kind of program.

“…contracted Spotless staff to conduct cleaning, but also infection [cough] sorry, almost got it, alright,” he said at first.

On the next attempt, that’s when he let out a cheeky “ahhh, fuck.” And like… same.

This kind of thing happens to the best of us, but it’s always nice to see our beloved TV personalities be that little bit more human.

Shortly after it went to air, Clure even tweeted about the slipup.

“My sincerest apologies to our great ABC News viewers!” he wrote.

“My little moment of frustration was a pre-recorded outtake and never meant to go to air.

“However good lesson for me to NEVER swear in front of an open mic!!”

He also joked that he’d save his potty mouth for the next time he’s on a theme park ride while reporting for ABC News.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the time Nine News reporter Lana Murphy also let a few choice words out in front of the camera which mistakenly went to air.

So similar, in fact, that she even made it known to the ABC reporter.

Clure simply replied: “Yours was better.”

Time to get cracking on a hierarchy of the most wholesome Aussie news bloopers of the year. This one will rank highly for sure.

Image: Twitter / @ABCmediawatch