An ABC News Reporter Nearly Fainted On Live TV This Morning In Fairly Fkn Scary Scenes

An ABC news reporter has confirmed he is ok and recovering after a scary moment this morning in which he appeared to almost faint while filing a live on-air report.

Michael Rennie, a Queensland-based ABC reporter, was broadcasting live on ABC News 24 from outside the JBS beef processing plant in Ipswich at approximately 9:13am this morning when the incident occurred.

Rennie was narrating over footage of the plant when he quite clearly began stumbling over his words and slurring, prompting host Joe O’Brien to quickly take over.

The camera then cut back to a silent but clearly distressed Rennie as O’Brien stated “We’ll just make sure Michael is OK there. Um, so we’ll get the cameraman to check on Michael and we’ll get our bosses there right away to make sure he’s OK.”

The rather frightening incident can be viewed in the video below.

Immediately following the broadcast, scores of viewers posted about their concern on social media.

A short time later O’Brien moved to assure viewers that Rennie was doing ok, asserting “I just want to assure our viewers that our reporter Michael Rennie is OK. We were having a chat to him in the last 5 or 10 minutes or so and he wasn’t able to continue. Yeah, we were a bit concerned about him, but he is OK. And we look forward to having a chat to him again soon.”

Rennie subsequently confirmed what had happened on his own Twitter feed, chalking the incident up to dehydration.

Rennie was reportedly given the rest of the day off by bosses and was sent home to rest.