ABC Presenter Joe O’Brien Just Revealed He’s Insanely Ripped And Twitter Is Collectively In Heat

joe o'brien twitter shirtless pic

ABC Presenter Joe O’Brien has set the internet and my hole on fire with a brand new pic of him taking a dip in a river in regional Australia. I don’t know much about Australia’s regions, but I know mine are feeling some type of way. I’m sorry, I’m just shocked at how RIPPED this man is.

When you tune in to ABC you expect to see two things: one, the news, and two, presenters dressed in suits ready to be professional and eloquent. Now, as a homosexual, there’s one thing I can tell you about suits: they one thousand per cent hide someone’s figure. Is the person ripped or are they not? Who knows. All is claimed by the professionalism of the suit.

Now, nobody was expecting ABC Evening News presenter Joe O’Brien to be insanely ripped. I mean, we could assume he was probably fit, but the man’s got MUSCLE for days. You’d think he was presenting the weather with that much of a temperature increase.

Here’s a safe for work pic of Joe O’Brien at, well, work.

joe o'brien hot twitter
I am just a four letter word. (Source: ABC).

And here’s Joe’s recent pic that has Aussie Twitter users melted.

“Great to be on the road for Backroads again meeting terrific people in regional Australia,” he captioned the pic.

Damn girl… guess I’m watching Backroads now. Let me tell you something about my backro-. Sorry.

“I see you,” commented fellow journalist Marc Fennell.

“My mum is gonna love this pic,” wrote another commenter.

“Joe the gym wants to know if they can use you as a fitness ambassador,” wrote a third.

This isn’t the first time Joe O’Brien has captivated Australia with his abs, however.

Back in 2021 he politely reminded us all that he was a back-up dancer for Dannii Minogue at the 1999 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

And, also in 2021, the year of the thot, he got a heap of attention for a vaccination selfie in which his BULGING arms were majorly on display.

Look, I’m trying to avert my eyes but they looked at me first. Someone tell his arms that it’s rude to stare.

ABC, if you’re reading this, I am SO sorry. But hey, if you need someone to be an assistant on ABC Evening News I am willing and able. I can make a mean coffee. Hell, I can make a mean coffee table too.