Tony Armstrong Is Bringing A Show About Dogs To Our Tellies In 2022 And I’m On All Fkn Fours

Put your calendars on high alert, because Australia’s full-time daddy and part-time ABC Sports presenter Tony Armstrong is gonna be dropping a show in 2022 all about him and dogs. It’s taking everything in me to not make some obscene dog pun, I’ll tell you what. But hey, if Tony needs a dog, I can bark.

The 31-year-old heartthrob with gorgeous smouldering eyes will be hosting ABC’s brand new show A Dog’s World, a three-part series that will examine the human relationship with their best friend, the dog. So yeah, he’s going full doggy style (I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.)

But it’s not just going to be Tony holding a bunch of cute pups, as the show will look at things like neuroscience, physiological research, behavioural science and genetics to explain why humans and dogs get along so well.

Will the show also explain why everyone is madly in love with Tony as well? I very much want to know what’s in my genetics that makes my heart stop every time I see his smile.

If all this news has you on all fours already, then wait until you see the promotional image. Such things were designed in heaven, I tell ya.

Really trying to focus on writing while this image sits above my text. As someone who is obsessed with doggos and also Tony (duh), I am struggling over here.

And naturally, I am not the only person who is completely enamoured by the concept of the show. ABC really said ‘lemme give the people everything they want’ with this one, huh? Bless the national broadcaster, I’d kiss it if it had cheeks.

A Dog’s World was announced today by the ABC and part of its annual reveal of upcoming content. The other shows don’t matter, but you can read about them online or something.

I am openly asking everyone behind this show that if they need some free promo on the DL, I am more than free to interview Tony Armstrong at your nearest convenience. I’d move mountains for this shit. Extra points if there’s a dog in sight.

If you need me I’m going to be saving this promo image and putting it up in my living room.