Tony Armstrong Said He’d Taken The Day After The Logies Off To Endure The Hoon Tomb In Peace

tony armstrong logies win day off

Tony Armstrong has spoken about the lengthy search his ABC News Breakfast workmates went on to find him the morning after he nabbed his first award at the Logies.

He told PEDESTRIAN.TV he actually wasn’t meant to be at work at all on Monday — the day after the big awards night on the Gold Coast. He had (smartly) taken the day off on leave so he could struggle through the Logies hoon tomb in relative peace.

“I took a day of annual leave on the Monday,” he said.

“So this story’s gotten away from me here. I took a day of leave and they were painting out like I was supposed to be on the telly.”

Tony eventually made it onto the morning program after QLD reporter Michael Rennie tracked him down.

Honestly, if I was Tony I would have just stayed in bed until the last minute and then avoided my workmates at all costs. Nobody should see my face the day after a hoon. Especially not an entire morning news crew blasted out to the whole of the country.

“They had the audacity to try and get me on in the seven-hour,” Tony laughed.

“I mean, if I was going to go on — which I eventually did — it was only ever going to be in the last 10 minutes of the show given it was a holiday. I paid to have that day off!”

The Logies was Tony’s first red carpet as a household name and he told us it’s something that isn’t for him. He’d even gone to the trouble of figuring out a way to get around the Logies carpet during rehearsals the day before.

“Not for me, hey,” he said.

“The day before I had a rehearsal with Dylan Alcott because we presented an award so I scoped out a whole way I could avoid the red carpet. Publicity were not having that. Some people love it and all power to them but you could not get me off that thing quick enough.

“It’s like anxiety-inducing, having to stand in front of people and have your photo taken.”

But sadly when you’re tipped to win one of the big awards on the night you kinda have to do the whole song and dance for the cameras.

Tony will be hosting ABC 90 Celebrate! alongside Double J’s Zan Rowe and The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel on ABC TV and ABC iview at 8pm on June 30.