Deadset Legend Tony Armstrong Just Won His First Logie After Winning All Our Hearts

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Sweet Tony Armstrong has just won his first Logie award and I speak for the entirety of Australia when I say: carn!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty much every single Aussie fingie and toe was crossed for Tony to nab the Graham Kennedy Award for most popular new talent. He’s only just bloody gone and done it.

In his speech, he held his Logie high, pointed to ABC news director Justin Stevens and said “Contract negotiations, mate…we’re on!” A king who knows his worth.

He then went on to thank “the old cheese, me mum.”

She’s done everything for me, she’s a superstar, I wouldn’t be up here without her…please give her a clap, she’ll love it back home.”

BRB, crying.

Tony made headlines across the world last week as he celebrated the Socceroos qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup with a passionate display live on air.

Unfortunately for us his on-air Logie celebrations were more restrained, but the night is still young. There’s plenty of celebration yet to be had.

And of course, the internet very much agrees with his Logie win. As they should.

Good on ya, Tony.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article carried a headline referring to Tony Armstrong as “Australia’s Boyfriend”. Upon reflection we see that this language is possessive and therefore, disrespectful to Tony and First Nations people. We have changed the wording and as always, take this as a learning and commit to doing better in future.

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