I should probably tell you that Tony Armstrong won the Logie for Most Popular New Talent last night. But I think everyone knows that, unless you got litty last night and spent all day in a hungover comatose state unable to consume current events (not me, never).

You know who else partied hard last night? The Logie winner himself. So much so that his mates and colleagues struggled to find him this morning.

After the ABC News Breakfast sports reporter was a no-show to work this morning, ABC Queensland reporter Michael Rennie went out on a mission to find Tony.

“We’re looking around the hotel where he’s staying. No sign of him yet. Been on the phone a few times. No answer! But I’m sure we’re getting closer to tracking Tony down. I think we might find him by the end of this hour, hopefully,” Michael said on-air.

But like all good next-morning stories, Tony was found just before 7am in the outdoor garden area of QT Gold Coast. He was with Gardening Australia presenter Costa Georgiadis. Sure, Tony was looking a little worse for wear but I can confidently say he still looked better than I do most days of the week.

I just personally and deeply relate to this rough-as-guts next morning behaviour, voice and apparel. Watch it for yourself and tell me you don’t

I’m glad Tony had a big night celebrating. He deserves it after winning his very first Logie and for his career highlights to date. During Tony’s acceptance speech, Tony credited “the old cheese, me mum” for his successes. “She’s done everything for me, she’s a superstar, I wouldn’t be up here without her…please give her a clap, she’ll love it back home.”

LOVE. Well done mate. Well deserved.

Image: @rove, ABC