People Are Breaking Up The Election Chaos In Your Feeds With Wholesome Timeline Cleanses

twitter timeline cleanse election

With a big day like the US election feeling like you’ve just woke up and stepped into a room filled with spot fires, fighting, yelling, and utter mayhem, sometimes the only cure is cute pictures. Knowing full well that scrolling through social media over the next few hours as the polls close, counting begins, and everyone throws their two cents in as a  sudden expert on US politics, people have been posting their own ‘timeline cleanse’ to force a bit of a breather in amongst the overwhelming chaos.

Pretty much this:

And a lot of this:

Littering feeds with cute pictures of cute pets, soothing landscapes, children being wildly adorable, Harry Styles dancing, and animal videos that make my heart want to explode, this online palate cleanser is honestly everything I need today (and this week, and this month, and this whole fucken year, let’s be honest).

So without further ado, let me bring to you the best of the timeline cleanse, to cleanse your feed and bring a little breather into a day that is continuing to race along at top speed.

Otters will forever just boost my serotonin levels to incredible heights.

Excuse me who is THAT.

A tried and true classic of the genre, the Harry Styles content never fails. Let it bless you on this day.

What about a live stream of kittens? Will that help?

Sweet noodle, a little smile, a smart coat. I love her.

Pumpkin is good and smart and proud and my friend.

Capybara obstacle course, that’s all I have to say. Capybara. Obstacle. Course.

What I would give to be sitting on that little beach right now.

A BABY. A BLESSED BABY. The best two minutes and thirty seconds I have spent online all WEEK.

What else is a good palate cleanser than learning some cool shit about trains?

Yeeting myself into the ocean is right up there with the best things to do to self-soothe. Having a float is restorative, cleansing, and hangover-curing, and I will die on that hill.

And finally, the greatest example of human triumph on the hell site.

Now, take a big breath, let your timeline have its cleanse, and get back to it.