United Patriots Front Leader Caught Munging Down On A Halal Kebab

Here’s the problem with taking a hard-lined political stance and putting yourself a position of public visibility – if you’re not 100% committed to it, people will just assume you’re at 0.

And that goes for everything, the things you say, the way you dress – hell, even the food you eat has the ability to take you from a ranting madman to an utter laughing stock in record time.
Say, for example, you’ve assumed leadership of Australia’s more prominent hardline right-wing, hyper-conservative, profoundly Islamophobic, staunchly anti-Halal groups. Let’s just mash a bunch of right-wing resistance words together and come up with a random, “tough”-sounding name for it. Say, the… United…. Uh…. Patriots…. League? No, wait. Front. The United Patriots Front. That sounds cliche enough.
So you’re the head of the United Patriots Front, and you’re loud, and big, and visible to the public. The absolute last thing you’re probably gonna want to do is duck down to the local kebab shop to get stuck into some tabbouleh.
And yet, here we have the actual leader of the UPF, Blair Cottrell, snapped in a pair of blurry photos at Karingal Kebabs, a reportedly halal-certified kebabery in the glorious Melbourne suburb of Frankston, getting himself heavily involved in a good ole’ fashioned dirty kebab.
The pair of photos was snapped by an anonymous internet user and subsequently posted to the Melbourne Antifascist Info Facebook page, quickly becoming the subject of widespread mockery.
Supporters of Cottrell and other far-right causes have leapt to the UPF leader’s defence, claiming that the employee who served Cottrell was “an Aussie” – whatever the shite THAT’S supposed to mean – and that the only thing he purchased was a single bottle of orange juice.
However, reports state that Cottrell did indeed order food – a mixed kebab with hummus, garlic yoghurt and barbecue sauce, in a combo with chips and the drink – and that the second shot features Cottrell sitting down with the bottle of orange juice unopened, indicating he was waiting for a food order to be completed.
Cottrell, of course, split from Reclaim Australia to join the UPF last year, made repeated public rants and speeches in opposition of halal, which he claims funds terrorism – except for the fact that it fucking doesn’t – and has, in the past, “outed” restaurants that carry halal certification.
Perhaps in the future old mate should stick to more “Aussie” foods. Like a plain sausage in bread – or as I like to call it, the Colonial Taco.
Remember kids, the only thing more delicious than food, is irony.
Source: The Daily Mail.
Photo: Facebook.