There are several takeaway’s from today’s largely – and thankfully – anticlimactic, hodge-podge ‘Anti-Halal BBQ‘ in Cronulla’s Wanda Beach.

  1. You don’t make friend with salad. You make fewer with obtuse attempts to salvage a failed Cronulla riot memorial;
  2. Nicholas Folkes is a guaranteed party-starter common denominator in this sort of abject failure;
  3. BBQing a pig is only even on the periphery of edginess if you can get the thing to light. According to eyewitness reports, the “patriots” had as much luck sparking the fire up as they did igniting a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment;
  4. This type of ordeal is basically proven to drag the police away from, you know, police work. Good job, guys – the majority of attendees at you lil’ shindig were cops, and they probably didn’t even take any leftovers home.

Two men, believed to be among the counter-protestors, have been arrested on the scene. Their charges are unsurprising: one man was nabbed for “offensive behaviour”, the other for “breaching the peace.” If you can’t chuck a barbie without sparking a breach of the peace, you’re doing something seriously wrong. Outside of those incidences, anti-Fascist, anti-racist and a slathering of other counter-protesters meandered around the scene with no other altercations reported, outside of the ideological. 

Until next time, guys.

Story: News Corp.
Photo: Mark Kolbe / Getty.