LOL: United Patriots Front Trio Cop A Conviction Over Mock Beheading Video

Yesterday there was a huge clash outside of a Melbourne court when three absolute deadshit excuses for human beings appeared in court to face charges of racial vilification, and faced off against anti-racism protestors.

Blair Cottrell (27), Christopher Shortis (46), and Neil Erikson (32) are all members of the United Patriots Front, a laughable name for a group of anti-Islam, flag-waving bigoted white supremacists.

They were in court for a ‘mock beheading’ they performed outside of the City of Bendigo offices in 2015, all in order to protest the building of a mosque.

In a video of the incident, posted to UPF social media, Cottrell (the head of the group and recent Hack Live guest) talks about the mosque, and then tells Shortis (who is wearing a head covering) and Erikson to decapitate a dummy with a plastic sword, all while shouting  “Allahu Akbar“.

Never mind every single thing that is fucked about this, who are these grown men with so much time on their hands? Get a hobby. I’ve heard painting watercolours is nice.

In court, the three brilliant minds pled not-guilty and represented themselves, with Ten Eyewitness News reporting that they were “often using phrases that appear to be taken from television shows” and had been “asking for the case to be dismissed, before it had begun.”

Shockingly it turns out this brilliant plan did not work, with all three being found guilty by Magistrate John Hardy of inciting contempt, revulsion or ridicule of Muslims. They were all convicted, and fined $2000 each, with Hardy giving them a talking to, saying “We live in a community that is extraordinarily diverse and each person is entitled to live their life without being subjected to wrongful conduct by others.”

The three tried to claim that the video was merely highlighting beheading as a danger of fundamentalist religions, but Mr Hardy, who is not a moron, decided that it was obviously designed to incite contempt and ridicule of Muslims, and to encourage other white nationalists to oppose the mosque.

It is the first time a criminal charge under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act has been tested in court, and it seems to be working pretty well so far.

The trio of deadshits have obviously said they plan to appeal the decision, probably because they have literally nothing else going on in their lives. So here is hoping they somehow get punished further on appeal.