Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Cute Albino Panda Cub Caught On Camera For First Time Ever

albino panda

If you thought pandas, those dopey, extinction-defying, bamboo-chowing adorable dummies, couldn’t get any cuter, think again. A nature reserve in China has just released an image of what’s believed to be the first ever albino giant panda.

The pic was captured back in April by one of the motion-sensor cameras in China’s Wolong National Nature Reserve, and shows what researchers think is a one or two-year-old panda cub that is completely, glowingly white.

The cub also sports the red eyes that are the hallmark of albinism in animals.

While albinism is caused by a genetic mutation, a statement from the local conservation authority says that the white panda is otherwise in fine form.

Looking at the photo,” the statement reads, “the individual appears physically strong, with a steady gait.

The statement also notes that albinism “usually has no significant effect on the animal’s activity or reproduction.

This means that, should the snowy fluff ball be lucky enough to mate (although we all know how much pandas hate that), it could produce more albino offspring. A whole fleet (flock? herd? mumble?) of white pandas? YES PLEASE.

It’s absolutely wild that this image was even captured in the first place, considering that albinism is incredibly rare, and that there are only about 2000 giant pandas in the wild at all. Reserve operators have said they’re keen to install more cameras, to try and track the life of this rarest of bears.

Our very best wishes to the panda edition of Ghost, the Goodest Boy, roaming the forests of his own Beyond the Wall.