Valentine’s Day Arrives Early For A Red Panda And A Sloth In A U.S. Zoo

While those of us out here are thinking we’ll probably be alone forever, take solace in knowing that two residents of Connecticut‘s Beardsley Zoo have found love just in time for the most sickeningly loved-up day of the year.

Jabba the two-toed sloth and Rochan the red panda have both been introduced to new girlfriends, Hope and Meri, who have moved in to be paired up with the fuzzy bachelors.

Hope and her new bf Jabba are currently out of the public eye but in side-by-side enclosures so they can slowly get to know each other. They’ll spend a while next to each other before they make their big debut as a couple.

Meri, which is short for Meriadoc and is a nod to Lord Of The Rings‘ Meriadoc Brandybuck, arrived at the zoo a few weeks ago, but is also yet to make her grand entrance into the enclosure with Rochan.

The Beardsley Zoo team are hoping that the two couples will hit it off over the next couple of weeks, and maybe the super-charged romance energies of Valentine’s Day will help out with the whole courting process.

Who knows, we might even get wind of some new baby red pandas and two-toed sloths by this time next year.

Despite being a jaded, cynical grouch who will probably establish a fully-fledged life as a spinster in the next couple of years, I’m wishing these sweet angels all the love and luck in the world. Every other human couple can jump in a lake, cheers.