The World’s Most Athletic Panda Who Escaped Adelaide Zoo Has Finally Been Found After 48 Hours

A red panda hangs in a tree

In a wholesome news story to finish off your weekend, an escaped red panda has been located safe and sound after busting out of Adelaide Zoo.

In the most exciting thing to happen to Adelaide since the Adelaide Fringe Festival wrapped up in March, the rare red panda was finally located after a two-day search.

Ravi the red panda was found perched in a Botanic Park tree in the city’s centre. The little tacker needed to be tranquillised in order to be safely returned home. We’ve all been in that position before, right?

“Based on the advice from our vets we made the decision that we’d look at darting him,” Adelaide Zoo director Dr Phil Ainsley told the ABC.”

“(We) finally got a dart into him and then just had to wait about 15 minutes just for the drug to take effect.

“Our amazing vet team and animal keepers were underneath with some blankets and managed to capture him as he dropped.”


After securing the bag, Adelaide Zoo posted a statement posted to their social media channels explaining exactly how Ravi managed to produce the new hit series Prison Break: Panda Edition.

“We are delighted to say that Ravi is now safely back inside the zoo after making his way just outside to a neighbouring tree.”
Red Pandas are master climbers and while we take every effort to provide a secure area, the combination of panda prowess coupled with the weather helped him to go on an adventure.
“A full inspection of Ravi’s exhibit will be underway immediately.”
This acrobatic escape is made all the more surprising since Giant Pandas are world-renowned for being lazy as heck.
It seems red pandas got all the athletic genes in the panda family.
It appears that also copped all the red-head genes too. Oh well, you can’t win everything!