Drop Everything & Watch This Vid Of 36 Tiny Wee Panda Cubs Jus’ Hanging Out

It’s common knowledge that the panda is the cutest of all bears, and therefore the baby panda is a hot contender for being the cutest thing on the planet. This is not opinion; it is fact.

So I ask you: what could possibly be cuter than a panda bear cub?


That’s right: to celebrate a bumper year in their breeding program, the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda have debuted 36 of their 42 panda cubs all at once, purely for the enjoyment of cute-junkies like you and me.

Watching 36 baby pandas of varying sizes, from practically newborns (who look like nothing so much as mewling bundles of cushion stuffing) to the panda equivalent of toddlers (peep them getting held like little babbies by beaming zookeepers), is almost the best thing one can do with a Sunday afternoon – behind, perhaps, actually cuddling 36 baby pandas.

(Look at those zookeepers. They are so happy with their life choices.)

In fact, I’m willing to propose that this video be preserved as a mental health strategy applicable in almost all situations. Stressed about uni? 36 baby pandas. Got unceremoniously dumped? 36 baby pandas. Despairing at the latest buffoonery from the Orange Bungler in charge of the United States? 36 baby pandas and a shot of whiskey.

God bless those baby pandas. They’ll be the saviours of us all.

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