PEDESTRIAN.TV and Telstra are teaming up to bring you the most important information of all time - a collection of stuff rolling over. Why? Well why the hell not? But seriously, things are pretty great when they're rolling over, particularly your *pre-paid Telstra data when you recharge before expiry with Telstra Pre-Paid Plus® Check out the video below.

Have you ever yearned for a compilation of all the best and most hilarious things rolling over? Well we’ve got the video for you, folks.

Watch in awe as dogs, pandas, machinery and insane humans all tumble and turn down a variety of inclines, some steep, some mellow, but always downward. 

But they aren’t the only things going for a roll, because data does too when you recharge before expiry on Telstra Pre-Paid Plus®. No longer will your leftover interweb juice be hurled into the gaping void, because if you recharge before expiry, it’ll be right there waiting for you to use within the next 28 days. Hell yeah. 

As for everything else that rolls over, you can suss that out below.


*Pre-Paid Plus®: Your data expires after 28 days unless you recharge again before expiry. Any unused data will then roll over and expire at the end of the next 28 day period.

WATCH: Puppers, Pandas, & 5 Other Things That Roll Over

Image: San Diego Zoo