Who said solar energy is boring? Not the Chinese, who have unveiled a 248-acre solar farm in the shape of a giant ~panda~ in the city of Datong, in the Shanxi province.

China Merchants New Energy Group, one of the country’s largest clean energy operators, and Panda Green Energy paired up to scrap the usual grid format in favour of a much more aesthetically pleasing bear.

Of Course China’s Built A Giant Solar Farm Shaped Like A Panda

The first stage of the Panda Power Plant (imagine saying you work there) has just been completed, with 50 megawatts of clean energy now available for use; when the plant is finished, it’ll produce enough clean energy to power a massive 16,400 homes.

The solar installation should help reduce carbon emissions by 2.74 million tons over the next 25 years, according to the company.

As well as being highly Instagrammable, the power plant will house an activity center that aims to educate young people about the importance of sustainable energy from an early age.

There are plans to roll out similar, panda-themed) solar plants both outside and inside of China in the next five years, all things going well.


Of Course China’s Built A Giant Solar Farm Shaped Like A Panda

Source: Business Insider.

Photo: Twitter / @CleanGreenMM.