Albino Woman’s Review Of RiRi’s Fenty Foundation Goes Viral For A+ Reason


It’s already a trial for dark-skinned women to find beauty products that don’t make them look like ghostly, but the options are even more limited (read: damn-near impossible) for those at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Hence why American beauty junkie Krystal Robertson – who suffers from albinism, meaning her body literally produces almost zero of the protein necessary for pigmentation – was overjoyed to find a foundation that actually matches her skin tone in Rihanna‘s debut beauty line.

In a post that’s since gone insanely viral, she took to closed Facebook group BeautyBook to wax lyrical about the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation, which comes in a whopping 40 shades for maximum inclusivity.

I had a small freak out today… my neck and face finally match each other… I’m albino I have no pigment so it be hard to get a nice match…always end up looking orange. Now I’m rethinking all those times I went orange.

Nurse / singer Robertson said her perfect match was shade #110, which isn’t even the lightest in the collection.

In the aftermath of her post going viral, Robertson elaborated on just how frustrating her foundation-buying process has been.

“When you think that you have your match and then start applying it to your face…the disappointment of #TheYellowRing around your face shows you how wrong you were,” she wrote on Instagram.

RiRi herself got wind of Robertson’s praise for her product, reposting her Facebook post on Instagram Stories with a heart emoji (she also followed Robertson, which is the ultimate marker of having made it tbqh).

“I felt that me finally being myself was ‘Worth it!,’” Robertson added. “It actually means the world that [Rihanna] not only made a diversity of shades for all women of color, but she brought us together.”

If you want to try Fenty Beauty for yourself, you can: the full collection (including all 40 foundation shades) is available at Sephora stores around the country. But get in quick, because the lighter and darker shades are selling out lightning-fast.