People Have Dead-Ass Left Whole Leaf Blowers And Sex Toys In The Back Of Ubers This Year

I am a fundamentally nosy person. I love a good “What’s In My Bag” video, a sneaky open house and a celeb home tour as much as the next curious cat. And to my delight, Uber’s released its lost and found list detailing the weirdest shit that gets left behind in cars.

I have but one question: who the fuck brought a brand new 65 inch TV into an Uber and then left it behind? Sheer chaos behaviour.

This is the sixth time Uber’s released a lost and found list. Let me tell you, I thought it’d be hard to top the small sword which was found in 2021. Maybe people are just really into BBC Merlin LARPing? There is no judgement here.

However, I am reserving judgement for the person who took a whole fucking leaf blower into an Uber and left it. Surely the effort it takes to get a leaf blower into an Uber means you wouldn’t forget it? Who forgets a leaf blower? If you’re putting a leaf blower in the back of the car then presumably you’re going to, or leaving, somewhere where you needed the leaf blower!

This has sent me down a spiral. The mind boggles.

Other highlights included an adult toy and frankly I can’t think of anything more devastating than realising you’ve lost your fave vibrator in the back of an Uber. The same goes for the person who left their retainer behind. Two essential products potentially lost to the ether of transport.

I also feel particularly bad for whoever forgot their photo of a koala. Uber also reported a Spider-Man costume and a blonde wig left behind. I’m assuming these were two seperate incidents but together, that’s one hell of a costume.

According to Uber, the top five things that were left behind in cars were phones and cameras, then keys. In third were wallets and purses backpacks, followed by bags and luggage and then glasses. As a glasses-wearer, this fills me with such dread. Absolute Velma from Scooby-Doo hours.

If you do leave something behind in an Uber — like an electric scooter or Gucci belt (I wish I was joking) — you can call your driver.

And if you lose your phone, you can get all up into Uber on your computer. There should be a tab under “your trips” called “find lost item” where you can get in touch with your driver.

Ideally you just won’t leave your stuff in the back of an Uber but hey, it happens to the best of us. And maybe if you’re the person who left your sewing machine in the backseat, you could whip up your driver a swish new ‘fit to say thanks. l