Forgetful Babes Rejoice, TikTok Is Trialling A Watch History So You Can Find That Vid You Lost

Kris Jenner looking frustrated because she does not have a TikTok watch history.

It looks like TikTok is trialling a “watch history” tab, which is great news for me since I am constantly trying to find memes that my forgetful ass did not like. Girlies with one brain cell rejoice!

I’m sure every TikTok user is familiar with the pain of opening the app, watching the first video that pops up, only to have the app refresh and immediately yeet the video off your feed. Disappeared. Gone.

You didn’t get a chance to look at the username. You have no idea what the caption says. You look up relevant search terms but it’s hopeless. The video is lost among billions. Never to be seen again.

Well, being able to view your watch history would change all that.

Twitter user Hammod Oh shared a screenshot of the TikTok app which shows a new “Watch History” feature under the “Content and Activity” section of his profile settings.

According to Oh, the new feature lets you view TikToks from the past seven days that you’ve already watched. So you don’t need to sob out of frustration when you’re looking for that one specific video that you didn’t like or save.

It looks like you can also turn the feature off so your watch history isn’t accessible. Or delete it, which sounds shady AF to me. Sorry to all the I-check-my-partner’s-phone-when-they-sleep toxic babes out there. Your self-sabotaging behaviour shall be thwarted, as it should be!

Anyway, it looks like the feature is just being trialled and not actually rolled out since most people do not have access to it.

It does look legit though — Oh’s tweet was shared by social media consultant and founder of Geekout Matt Navarra and TikTok didn’t respond to Variety’s request for comment.

Please, for the love of God and everything that is holy, let this become a thing.

Losing a funny video you saw a few days ago would no longer be such a crippling experience.

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