Instagram’s Chronological Feed Is Back So Goodbye To The 3 Day Old Memes I Will Never See Again

Instagram chronological feed is back! image is of the Kim k meme where she is holding a phone while shedding happy tears. text says 'I missed you'.

Begone are the days of missing all your friends’ important milestones because your entire feed consists of stale memes you don’t care about. Instagram has finally come to its senses and realised chronological feeds were the way God intended us to use social media and now it’s bringing them back.

The new update will add two new Instagram feeds — Following and Favourites, which will shown in the order of time they’re posted. As they should be.

“In addition to your main home feed, we’re launching new options that let people choose to see posts in Feed from their favourite accounts, or from the accounts they follow, in chronological order,” Instagram said.

“We want people to have meaningful control over their experience on Instagram and the content they see.”

Following is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a chronological feed of all the accounts that you follow. Yes, that means no more shit recommendation posts of stale Tumblr memes from 2013.

Favourites, however, is more exciting. This feed is one you can curate by choosing up to 50 accounts to include, for the days where you just want the cream of the crop without scrolling through all the other noise.

Honestly, these are game changers for me. Being able to split my feed into friends vs content creators? Incredible.

The feeds will come in addition to the inferior algorithmically-organised Home page which I will never use again.

You can flip between the feeds by clicking on the Instagram logo at the top left of your app.

Now all Instagram needs to do is reintroduce the extremely chaotic ‘Following Activity’ feed where you could see the posts everyone else was liking and commenting on.

Many a horn dog was exposed as titty upon titty appeared in the feed by those unaware they were being watched. It was the peak of drama for nosy nellies like me, only rivalled by Snapchat best friend lists. AKA the “this is who I’m fucking” list.

Only then shall Instagram be restored to it’s former glory.

The update will start rolling out for Australian users from Thursday morning.

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