A Day After Rupert Murdoch’s Exit, Guess Who Just Got Nominated To Fox’s Board Of Directors

tony abbott nominated for the fox board

Just one day after Rupert Murdoch stepped down as the chairman of conservative media brand Fox Corporation, Tony Abbott has been recommended to join the company’s board of directors.

Fox, which must be operating on a one-in-one-out dickhead policy at this point, released a statement informing its shareholders of the move per The Age.

Being a publicly listed company, Abbott’s admittance to the board will be voted on at a shareholder meeting later this year.

Given his standing within conservative circles (Abbott is a regular at those bizarre right-wing conferences where they yell about various issues they can’t comprehend) combined with the fact that he was a former prime minister, there’s little reason why he’d be denied the green light.

In case you missed it, Lachlan Murdoch (Rupert’s son) took over as chairman of the global media empire this week.

“I welcome Peggy Johnson [another nominee] and Tony Abbott’s nominations to the board,” Lachlan said in a statement.

“They bring skills, experience and perspectives that will contribute to the board and benefit Fox.”

Lachlan, who is the eldest of three children, is the Kendall Roy of the family for any Succession fans out there. Rupert is obviously the Logan Roy.

What a lovely addition to the party Tony would make!

Abbott most recently made headlines in Australia for being on an all-white panel at a community meeting on The Voice.

At the meeting, an Aboriginal attendee was denied the opportunity to speak and was told by Liberal MP Jenny Ware that “We don’t have the time. We simply do not have the time”.

Back in 2021 he also stated that Australia didn’t have any slavery, which in all honesty was totally on brand.

Later that year he copped a $500 fine for not wearing a COVID mask in Sydney. Lol.

Header image: Ryan Pierse via Getty.