Even Rupert Murdoch Has Had Enough, Calls For A Snap Election

All across the country, Australians are waking up with a hangover they can’t quite place, before remembering – oh yeah! – that yesterday Tony Abbott compared the Islamic State to Nazis, only without the “sense of shame to try and hide it”. Really.

But never mind; Rupert Murdoch reckons he’s still by “far the best alternative” for our PM. The most powerful man in media chose – somewhat unusually, though not completely out of character – to share his political views on Twitter rather than selecting one of his front pages to do the job. He’s calling to turn the Federal Government on and off again – a.k.a. a snap election – hopefully rebooting with an effective Senate.

As the folks over at Fairfax kindly pointed out: Abbott’s net approval is negative 24, and his party has seen a 7.5% swing against it since the last election. If a snap poll were held, he *might* be able to regain control of the Senate, but all things considered it’s looking pretty unlikely. That alone is a bizarre reason to call for a snap election NOW.

There’s also that matter of the shitty renewable energy-supporting, pro-drug decriminalising Greens; Rupert might not be a fan of Greens leader Richard Di Natale, but 16% of voters want him as PM, according to the latest poll

But it’s cool, guys. We’re a gtreAt country. You’re gtreAt.

Picture: Mark Wilson via Getty Images.