Victoria has been through a lot over the past few months. Some people are understandably relieved to finally be getting out of lockdown, while others are understandably upset that the second wave happened in the first place. Somehow, #DonutDick ended out trending out of all of this.

Neither of these feelings are invalid, but throughout the whole second wave, state Liberal MP Tim Smith has routinely been toying with people’s emotions to stir shit for his own political gain.

As the state celebrated two days of consecutive doughnuts (zero cases of community transmission), people all over Melbourne, and Victoria in general, shared pics of the sweet, ring-shaped cakes.

Smith of course had to rain on everyone’s parade by making an 800 out of doughnuts, symbolising the death toll from Victoria’s second wave.

Each and every one of those deaths is a tragedy. However, Smith has been rallying against the lockdown for months, so it’s hard to believe it’s the families of the deceased who he really cares about here.

Another thing overlooked by Smith is the fact he literally made a dick and balls out of doughnuts, and then posted it online. Because of course this chronic self-owner would do something like that.

People were quick to let him know about his foolish, phallic error.

This is but the tip (heh, heh) of the iceberg, but you get the idea.

In fact, so many people roasted the man and his cock-shaped crullers that #DonutDick ended up trending on Twitter.

Let it be known, that even in the face of the most widespread adversity this country has seen in yonks, Aussies will never pass up an opportunity dunk on Tim Smith and his ridiculous self-owns.

#DonutDick will be remembered as a classic of the genre.

Image: Twitter / @TimSmithMP | Facebook / Tim Smith MP - Member for Kew