A Third Host Of The Project Has Quit & I Will Sell My Soul To Guarantee Steve Price Is Next

the project steve price

Peter Helliar has revealed that he’ll be leaving the desk over at The Project and I simply must ask what is going on over there to cause such a mass exodus.

The departure comes after Carrie Bickmore announced she’d be leaving the show back in October and Lisa Wilkinson announced her departure just a few days ago.

Helliar has been with the show since 2014 and has filled the role of the on-set “funny” guy.

“All these things come in threes and it’s time for me to say bye,” he said on the show.

“People will read into this situation however they want to read into it, but I need to create some space for some projects that I want to work on.

“I feel like there are some new areas that I’m going into hopefully next year that I need to be present for.”

Channel 10 confirmed Sarah Harris will be replacing Bickmore, but no word yet on who is replacing Wilkinson and Helliar.

I simply must ask, when is Steve Price going to announce his departure from the show? Or better yet, when are they gonna kick him off?

If the show is looking to mix things up with fresh new faces, there’s no point having that tired old relic taking up so much space with his backwards opinions.

Just to jot your memory, the show has made headlines a few times this year — most of the times were because Steve Price vomited up words that should’ve gone out the other end.

Masterchef‘s Melissa Leong had to rip Price a new one in September after he went on a whole televised rant about old white men being silenced in the media.

The show featured an all-white panel to discuss whether the Aboriginal flag should become the flag of the nation in July. Instead of voicing the opinions of First Nations people, the show invited guest speaker Steve Price to share his bigotry.

Then there was the time the show invited a protestor from flood-ravaged Lismore on and spent a few minutes calling them “privileged”.

If The Project is going down in flames, it might not be so much of a bad thing. The Project has moved far away from its original premise of being a fresh, left-leaning take on the news and has become some weird host to pointless straw man arguments and some of the most right-leaning opinions put to a “news” program.