Here’s Peter Helliar Openly Calling Steve Price A “Wanker” On ‘The Project’

That Steve Price is an affirmed wanker is absolutely not news, but being called out as such on national TV certainly is. Particularly when it’s by his own cast-mate Peter Helliar on his own show The Project.

Last night Price was on the desk of The Project while the panel discussed the much-talked about controversy surrounding the Sydney Opera House and Racing NSW‘s State Government-backed campaign to turn it into a billboard for gambling.

Unsurprisingly, Price has absolutely no problem with this and fails to see how these ads are actually ads at all – in fact, according to him, they are “promotion” instead, which is fine.

Helliar arced up at this, amid much bemused derision, only for Price to pull the “you’re not from New South Wales” card out, before dropping line of the century in “you didn’t pay for the Opera House, I did.”

Ahh yes, good.

Enter: Helliar, wise to Price’s shit and over the whole thing, dropping a snide “you’re a wanker” to round off the segment.

Joking or not, that’s a spade being called as much right there.

The news delivered differently indeed, folks.